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Since June 2012 - also in VIENNA at your service.
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News 2010

Big Events and Exhibitions


  • Cooking on the glacier at 2300m in the  „Grossvenediger Kürsingerhaus“
  • Motor GP 2010/Mugelo/Barcelona (Mr. Sattlerecker Christian)
  • 24 Stunden Race Le mans (Hr. Sattlecker Christian)
  • 24 Hour Race LE MANS ( Mr. Sattlerecker Christian)
  • DTM 2010 „Schubecks Catering“ (Mr.Sieler, Mr.Schallmainer, Mr.Loipichler)
  • NOVI SPA Croatia (Mr. Scheicher………)
  • EON anual general meeting (Mr. Erhardt……….)
  • ZLF Munich
  • C&C Pfeiffer
  • Austrian presidential election campaign (Mr. Zopf……..)
  • Red Bull state league DO&CO
  • Raiffeisen anual general meeting go catering
  • Handball european masters 2010/Club
  • Catering Vienna City Hall (Mr Thiessen…………..)
  • BTA Tennis masters 2010 Vienna city hall
  • The folkmusic night on Wörthersee 2010-08-28